Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Surfrider Foundation Legal Handbook - Now Published Online

Surfrider Foundation's Legal Handbook is now published and available online. This handbook is an informational resource intended to enable Surfrider members to understand the law as it pertains to Surfrider campaigns. The Legal Handbook also explains how you can engage in legal issues and environmental advocacy as a Surfrider Chapter or a public citizen. The 100 page manual covers the following:

Chapter 1: Surfrider Litigation Program
Chapter 2: Environmental Advocacy (including testimony at public hearings, standing issues for litigation and FOIA)
Chapter 3: Water Quality (including the Clean Water Act)
Chapter 4: Beach Access (including the Public Trust Doctrine)
Chapter 5: Coastal Development and Land Use
Chapter 6: Beach Preservation

Why It Matters: Citizen involvement in monitoring and reporting pollution and beach access violations are key to protection and preservation of the oceans and beaches that we love. In order to become further involved, it may become important to know the law surrounding these issues. A proactive citizen will want to know the legal standards that government and industry must abide by, at what point violations occur, and perhaps, when the laws should be changed.

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